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Working With People With Ataxia

Course: Working with people with Ataxia

This course is appropriate for AHPRA qualified physiotherapists only*

People diagnosed with ataxia present with a diverse set of symptoms that require unique symptom-specific assessment and treatment selection and execution. University teaching touches only briefly on this population, hence physiotherapists are often ill-equipped to confidently manage this patient group. The aim of this course is to provide and improve your knowledge and capacity to assess and treat people with ataxia across the spectrum of models of care. During this course you will be expected to undertake/demonstrate the application of assessment and treatment skills for people with ataxia via peer and patient interaction sessions.

Presenter Katrina Williams FACP, Specialist Neurology Physiotherapist

Dates 7-8 July 2018

Times Day 1: 8.30am-4.30pm   Day 2: 9am-4.30pm

Registrations close 24 June 2018


Location Address Dates
New South Wales Greenwich Start date: 07 Jul 2018 08:30
End date: 08 Jul 2018 16:30
Queensland Townsville Start date: 11 Aug 2018 00:00
End date: 12 Aug 2018 00:00
South Australia Northfield Start date: 08 Sep 2018 00:00
End date: 09 Sep 2018 00:00