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The Everyday Shoulder With Craig Allingham

Course: The Everyday Shoulder with Craig Allingham

This course is appropriate for AHPRA registered physiotherapists only*

This course takes a patho-mechanical and kinesiological approach to shoulder evaluation and management, starting with scapular position and movement and progressing to glenohumeral function and dysfunction.  Understanding how to identify and correct movement pathology has application to all types of shoulder injury, overuse and surgical adventures, especially those with multiple pathologies and chronicity – the typical shoulder in everyday practice.  Subscapularis dysfunction, adhesive capsulitis, functional rehab and some taping will be covered as well as scapular retraining and soft tissue mobilisation.  Very hands-on.

Learning outcomes:

1. Evaluation skills for multi-pathology shoulders 
2. Key tests for scapula dysfunction and glenohumeral joing pathomechanics exercises for shoulder rehabilitation 
3. Manual therapy techniques to normalise movement of scapula and glenohumeral joint
4. Increased repertoire of therapeutic exercises for shoulder rehabilitation

Date Saturday 27 October, 2018 

Times: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Presenter: Asst Professor Craig Allingham APAM

Registrations close: Saturday 13 October, 2018
This course is appropriate for qualified physiotherapists only*


Location Address Dates
Queensland Eight Mile Plains Start date: 27 Oct 2018 08:30
End date: 27 Oct 2018 16:30