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The Advanced Athletic Shoulder With Mary Magarey

Course: The Advanced Athletic Shoulder with Mary Magarey

This course is appropriate for AHPRA registered physiotherapists only*

Dr Mary E Magarey has over 30 years' experience examining and managing complex shoulder problems, 
including problems with shoulders of athletes who throw. Training some of the best physiotherapists in Australia and internationally, Mary is a Musculoskeletal Specialist and a Sports Specialist Physiotherapist and Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists, also a Fellow of the Australian Sports Medicine Federation with a particular interest in the shoulder, upper limb and throwing sports. 

Learning Outcomes

1. Improved understanding of the anatomy of the shoulder complex relevant to clinical presentations typically seen in athletes involved in overhead and contact sports
2. Improved understanding, knowledge and recognition of typical clinical patterns related to the sporting shoulder
3. An ability to perform a comprehensive advanced physical examination of the shoulder complex, including attention to diagnostic features and contributing factors associated with a nociceptive presentation of pain in the context of the sporting shoulder.
4. An improved understanding of and skill development in targeted key ‘diagnostic’ examination procedures for differential diagnosis of the shoulder complex.    
5. Improved skills in dynamic assessment and management of the shoulder in the sporting context.   
6. An improved theoretical understanding and practical skills for treatment of the overhead athlete and contact sport athlete.    
7. A greater understanding of the evidence associated with assessment and management of the shoulder complex and the underpinning evidence base for the management protocols presented in this program.    
8. An ability to develop a comprehensive physical management plan for a patient presenting with pain and dysfunction associated with the shoulder complex and to take such management beyond the physiotherapy clinic. 

Participants should have advanced knowledge of and practical skills in management of shoulder clinical patterns in the context of one particular approach to management that is evidence-informed and clinical experience-based.

Participants will also have access to a comprehensive workbook containing extensive contemporary information on shoulder anatomy, biomechanics and clinical patterns, assessment and management strategies, plus an extensive reference list associated with the information provided.  In addition, they will be provided with an extensive list of contemporary research and clinical commentary papers as pre-reading to allow optimal engagement in the course.

Participants will be provided access to 2 x 45 minute online videos to watch prior to the course at the registration cut off date Sunday 26 August and are required to watch these prior to the course.


Location Address Dates
Western Australia Bentley Start date: 21 Jul 2018 09:00
End date: 22 Jul 2018 17:00
South Australia Kent Town Start date: 10 Nov 2018 09:00
End date: 11 Nov 2018 17:00