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Sharing the AVERT Experience - Lessons Learned

Lecture: AVERT, led by Professor Julie Bernhardt from the stroke division at Florey Institute in Melbourne, was the largest rehabilitation trial ever conducted, including more than 2,000 patients from eight countries. Published in the Lancet in April 2015, the data showed that an early, lower-dose out-of-bed activity regimen was preferable to AVERT- a very early, frequent, higher-dose intervention. Professor Sheila Lennon was chief investigator of AVERT in Northern Ireland, and will share her perspectives. Sheila was awarded Fellowship of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in 2010 in recognition of her research in neurorehabilitation and has recently retired from leading the Flinders University Masters of Physiotherapy Program.

Join us after for end of year drinks and nibbles.

Presenter Professor Sheila Lennon, APAM

Time 7.00 pm-9.00 pm


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