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Muscle Injury Management With Andrew Wallis

Presenter: Andrew Wallis This course aims to provide high level solutions to the many questions regarding lower limb muscle lesions associated with sports injury. The type of lesion and site of injury will be investigated to depict an appropriate timeline for return to sport. A combination of current literature and clinical experience will be presented to discuss causative factors, examination, treatment and rehabilitation. There will be a strong focus on practical demonstration of hands on treatment and rehabilitation options. High level management of commonly encountered lesions will be covered and this course should appeal to any Physiotherapist working in a sports setting. 
Completing this course will enable you to: - Consolidate Physiology of Muscle Injury. - Investigate risk factors for individual muscle lesions. - Address assessment of key muscle lesions. - Expand Manual treatment options. - Learn High level rehabilitation skills. - Be exposure to a elite level prevention program=SUM()


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