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Jenny McConnell:Chronic Lower Back & Leg Pain (Bio Approach)

Are you frustrated by the low back and leg pain patients who seem to get worse with treatment? Is there something else you can do? The answer is most definitely yes! The aim of this workshop is to: • present some background hypotheses as to why certain individuals with chronic low back and leg pain do not respond to treatment, • develop skills in static and dynamic lower extremity, pelvic and lumbar spine biomechanical and gait assessment. • give therapists some strategies to identify these individuals so they can implement more appropriate treatment techniques. • demonstrate how to unload chronic low back and leg symptoms, to minimise/eliminate symptoms therapist • use surface EMG for neuro-muscular re-education for specific training of the stabilising muscles • provide simple strategies a therapist can give to a patient to empower the patient to self manage.
At the completion of the course, participants should: 1. Be able to identify different static positions that patients may present with 2. Based on the static position of an individual, be able to determine how that individual will move, particularly walk. 3. Be able to determine the effect of the static and dynamic positioning on various lumbar structures 4. Be able to evaluate the anterior hip structures, the thoracic spine and other soft tissues to determine their contribution to the overall movement and/or stability of the lumbar spine 5. Be able to unload painful low back and leg structures 6. Be able to mobilise structures that may be restricting even loading through the patient’s body when they move. 7. Be able to give the patient strategies to stabilise structures that may be moving excessively 8. Be able to provide the patient with an understanding about their back pain. 9. Be able to provide the patient with a simple yet effective home management program


Location Address Dates
New South Wales Callaghan Start date: 17 Nov 2018 08:30
End date: 18 Nov 2018 17:30