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Introduction To Learning, Teaching and Presenting

Skills in designing and delivering effective teaching and learning sessions are essential in most areas of physiotherapy practice, whether with patients, colleagues or students. Formal theory and best practice in approaching education sessions is rarely part of standard undergraduate physiotherapy programs. This course aims to provide participants with an opportunity to become familiar with some educational and learning theory and practically apply this to delivering any formal or informal educational session.
At the completion of this course, you should be able to: • Examine perspectives and approaches to teaching and learning • Plan teaching and learning for a variety of contexts • Explain constructive alignment including the interrelationship of learning objectives, content, learning and teaching methods and assessment • Identify roles and behaviours of the effective teacher • Demonstrate the ability to reflect constructively on own educational skill and that of peers • Provide feedback using a learner-centred approach • Discuss theories of psychomotor skill development • Demonstrate effective planning, preparation and delivery of clinically focused teaching activities using a 5 Step Model


Location Address Dates
Victoria Fitzroy Start date: 03 Mar 2018 09:00
End date: 03 Mar 2018 16:00