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Foot and Ankle in Dance

This course is designed for physiotherapists working with dancers to ensure best-practice assessment, diagnosis and management of dance-related injuries pertaining to the foot and ankle region. The course ensures that physiotherapists working with dancers have access to the latest developments in the field of dance medicine both locally and internationally. There is a large practical component to the course, and participants will take away realistic and useful techniques that they can use immediately in their clinics.
At the completion of this course, you should be able to: • Review functional anatomy of the foot and ankle • Discuss the functional requirements of the foot and ankle for dance • Develop an understanding of the factors that may predispose the dancer to an injury of the foot or ankle • Analyse the technique faults associated with injuries to the foot or ankle in the dancer • Competently perform physiotherapy assessment techniques necessary for diagnoses in the foot and ankle • Competently perform dance specific tests to assess injuries of the foot and ankle • Be able to apply appropriate clinical reasoning to clinical findings with regards to the foot and ankle assessment • Demonstrate and practice manual techniques for rehabilitating the foot and ankle complex and be able to perform appropriate treatment techniques for foot and ankle pain in the dancer, as opposed to other sporting populations • Understand conservative and surgical management options for injuries of the foot and ankle in dancers • Identify what is appropriate medical and physical management of these pathologies • Prescribe functional rehabilitation programs for dancers to enhance foot and ankle strength and stability for the prevention and management of dance-related dysfunction • Demonstrate the ability to guide dance clients in safe management of dance related injury and safe return to full capacity after injury Participants of this course might be interested in the Completing Pre Pointe and Tertiary Dance Council Screenings for Dancers Course


Location Address Dates
Queensland Eight Mile Plains Start date: 19 May 2018 09:00
End date: 19 May 2018 17:00