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Contracture Management

Passive stretch interventions (e.g. positioning, splinting and tilt table standing) have been the most commonly used treatments for the prevention and correction of contractures. However, there is controversy about their use. The lack of clarity in contracture management has been frustrating to both clinicians and patients. 'To stretch or not to stretch' remains a challenging question. This course aims to provide information on what research has found and identify the gaps in knowledge; provide clinical reasoning based on existing evidence and practical considerations, demonstrate the clinical decision making process using real cases; generate some helpful ideas on what clinicians may do in managing contractures. This course will also include a practical session on applying serial casting for ankle and elbow.

Presenter Joan Leung


Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course

1., Participants will be aware of the existing evidence on contracture management and the gaps in knowledge.

2. Participants will have some understanding about contractures and challenges in managing contractures.

3. Participants will be able to use existing evidence and clinical reasoning skills to determine appropriate therapy for contractures.

4. During the course, participant will gain hands on experience in applying serial casting for elbow and ankle.



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