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Animal Physiotherapy Level 2 - Canine Only

Course: Animal Physiotherapy Level 2 - Canine Only (3 days from 23-25 November)

The Animal Physiotherapy Level 2 course will build on the content covered in the Level 1 course: skills and knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, pathology, and common orthopaedic and neurological conditions in the canine species. It is intended to further enhance clinical reasoning and treatment concepts necessary to work in animal physiotherapy and will cover current evidence and limitations in animal physiotherapy practice. An understanding of the roles of other professionals involved (with a focus on a multidisciplinary approach) in animal care will be discussed throughout the course.

You will be required to complete prerequisite content, which will need considerable time to finish (including clinical observation time)

Completing this course will enable you to:
comprehensively assess and treat orthopaedic cases in dogs without supervision
be aware of the limitations for complex and neurological cases in canines
comprehensively assess neurological cases in dogs
comprehensively understand red flags
complete a thorough palpatory assessment
understand professional requirements across Australia (eg. Veterinary referral)

Dates 23 - 25 November 2017

Times Days 1-3:   8.00am - 5.00pm

Presenters  Brooke Marsh, APA Animal Physiotherapist; Lindsey Connell, APA Animal Physiotherapist

Registrations close 6 October 2017 (six weeks prior to course commencement as pre-requisite requirements may take up to 3 months to complete)


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