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Anatomy Wet Lab Refesher: Lumbopelvic

Workshop:  Anatomy wet lab refresher: lumbopelvic

The MPA in conjunction with UniSA will be running a series of anatomy refresher sessions. Arjun will guide us through cadaver specimens. This first session is a review of lumbopelvic anatomy just in time for Spinal Part A course.

Participants will be contacted and asked to complete a lab agreement and send requests for specific structures they would like reviewed prior to the event.

Please note: the fee for this session is to cover venue hire fee and associated costs.

Presenter Arjun Burlakoti

Time 7.00 pm-8.30 pm


Location Address Dates
South Australia Adelaide Start date: 06 Jun 2018 19:00
End date: 06 Jun 2018 20:30